Why choose a Garden Designer?

Five things you may not know about Garden Designers 

A qualified garden designer does so much more than just recommend what to plant and where. Here are five reasons why we think we’re worth our weight in gold!

  1. We’re not purely gardeners with a fancy name. We’ve studied horticulture, plants & planting and the principles & practice of garden design to be able to do what we do.
  2. We’re a bit like architects – we combine creativity with practicality. Our meticulous planning leaves no stone un-turned (pardon the pun!). You will receive detailed plans, including a planting plan and a schedule of work to get your garden off to the best start.
  3. If you’re building walls or other structures, we can provide construction drawings, which are very useful for tendering purposes and for ensuring the end result is exactly as you envisaged, down to the last paving slab. We will also make sure your design complies with planning and building regulations.
  4. We source top quality plants at the best prices, ensuring you don’t pay over the odds to see your dreams coming to fruition.
  5. We don’t leave you in the lurch. When our work is finished we will give you a full after-care plan, ensuring your garden continues to look at its best for years to come.
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