The Design Process

The design process is divided into three distinct phases:

Visualise – This first phase is all about getting to know how you would like to use your garden and understanding the garden itself through site analysis. The true creativity then begins, taking into account all of the discussions we have had and translating all of this knowledge into a garden that will work for you and your lifestyle. This all culminates in the Design Presentation, where I show you a presentation plan, sketches and a mood board so you can visualise how your new garden is going to look.

Develop – In order to ensure your dream garden meets all of your expectations I will then work up detailed setting out plans and construction drawings. These are backed up with specifications that outline the materials and methodologies required for the successful completion of the project.

Build – The final phase is the realisation of the design. I will liaise with landscapers during the tendering process and, once they are on-site, I will carry out site visits throughout the works. Once the project is complete I will continue to support you so that you can get the best out of your garden.

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