Core Values

I believe that gardens are fundamental to our well being, but that in creating the perfect outdoor space I have a responsibility to ensure that I know the provenance of materials specified.

Ethics in Garden Design


I’m passionate about specifying materials manufactured in the UK or ensuring they are ethically sourced. I want to know that the people mining natural stone are earning a living wage and are working in an environment where Health & Safety is important (maybe that’s my industrial background). Crucially, I need to be sure that children are not working in hazardous conditions and that nobody is subject to modern slavery.

Biodiversity & Biosecurity

There are two key facets to the selection of plants for your garden; Biodiversity and Biosecurity.

A diverse selection of plants will attract beneficial insects to your garden, in turn attracting a rich variety of birds and other wildlife. This biodiversity is good for the garden, good for the environment and good for the planet, so there’s no reason not to, really.

Biosecurity is all about making sure that new plant diseases are not introduced to the UK. I only work with registered, top quality nurseries which actively work to minimise the risk of bringing in pests and diseases on imported stock.


From the products selected to the plants chosen to bring the garden to life, everything has its own carbon footprint. I will try to source as much as possible locally to reduce the carbon dioxide produced in the construction of your garden.

Gillian’s garden design has captured and enhanced the essence of the surrounding area and is truly individual whilst reflecting the character of our early 20th century stables conversion. Her attention to detail in all aspects of planning approvals, product sourcing and planting was exemplary.


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