Circles Garden

A large garden laid mostly to lawn, the design challenge was to create a child-friendly space which would stand the test of time to become an adult space in the coming years.

The design blends contemporary layout and soft, country-style planting. Vibrant colour in summer is balanced with structure during the winter period. Circular archways form an elegant pergola for climbing plants.

The large lawn is retained to provide ample space for children to run around and play, with archways leading to paths behind planted borders for an additional dimension to the play space. A swathe of wildflower turf is incorporated close to the office, drawing unity with the front garden and allowing space to pick flowers and study wildlife.

Close to the house a trampoline has raised beds incorporated around it. This area gives scope for planting herbs and flowers but will be transformed into a seating area with a firepit, for evening entertaining, when the trampoline is no longer required.

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